Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Admission to S P Jain Management Institute for Development Management ( PGCDM)

Once the new  Companies act is passed then all corporates will have to spend 2 % on CSR / corporate social responsibility. Looking to various sizes of companies, no. of companies and their turn over sum total of 2% will be a astonishingly high fund available for development/ social sector ( for social work in common parlance).

So S P Jain Management institute has come up with a very useful course where by all corporates  teens looking for good jobs, social organisation can benefit and give their best for development. 
Incidentally I was invited for one of their presentations and found that campus, the faculty , the course material all are excellent. And anyone doing this course can benefit in even business as same management skills are cultivated here for training for NGO's. So the objectives of non profit and profit sectors are different but the skills are quite same and hence will develop an individual over all.  Here is a link to their course details: 

well wisher,
Alok Tholiya,

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