Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JELP: JITO Education Loan Programme

Request To All Jain Trusts / Institutions / Organisations / Associations

Greetings Sir / Madam;

We look forward to assist all Jain Organisations, Trusts, Institutions to enable them Empower Education by extending all possible assistance to them to encourage their students obtain Education Loans thru Banks! For details please ask the student / parents to log on to or email at The details of various other Organisations of similar line of activities are also available on our site and the data is growing. If you wish to add to those contact details pls email us the details at   These details would be available for access to students at the following link:

We together can assist students to pursue higher studies and ensure that no student is deprived of education for paucity of funds. If the students who have documents and can obtain Bank Loans than the surplus funds at local levels can be utilised to assist those underprivileged students who do not have required documents. Further more the Government also offers plenty of benefits to the students who take Banks Loans and we are well connected with Leading Banks in Education Loan sector.

We also assist the student to complete the formalities and procedures to obtain Government of India Subsidy to the extent possible. If student gets this subsidy and the Branch recommends it as a deserving case we will extend our share of subsidy for a couple of years after study period also if the case is deserving. For studies Abroad or Higher value loans based on merit, academics and need we share some part of Interest for the study period and a host of other benefits thru partner agencies subject to JELP committee approval.

Major Features for JELP are:

    Quicker Processing of Education Loans at Associated Banks & CREDILA
    6% Subsidy in Interest Rate per year for study period where Loan Amount is upto Rs 1.5 Lakhs per yr  Max for 3 Yrs.
    Guidance of Complete Optimised Funding
    Better Network of Students and TOP UP Loans available
    Vocational Courses & ITI Approved courses also assisted
    Assistance in Claiming Government Of India Subsidy wherever applicable
    Lesser chances of Decline & Appropriate alternatives suggested
    Complete assistance is preparing the required set of Documents.
    Assistance for placements after completion of studies
    Better Options and selection from a wide network of Banks
    Special Enhanced Offers for Studies Abroad
    Assistance for Internships & Placements with our dedicated JOB PORTAL.

The Details of the JELP Scheme are available online at Incase if you have any queries for the same you can surely get in touch with us. The conditions applied are as per JELP Scheme and Sanctions are subject to approval by Banks.We assist students to obtain the loan and than share part of interest with the student as per the JELP Scheme and will be glad to assist any students referred by you also.

To avail benefit of the above subsidy it is necessary for the applicant to satisfy the following criteria:
•    Student who avail loan up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh per year and the study period is of 3 years. (Max Amt 4.5 L)
•    Student who avail loan up to Rs. 1 Lakh per year and the study period is upto 4 years.
•    Student or Applicant has to pay the interest to the Bank during the study period.
•    6% of JITO’s share of interest would be credited to Education Loan A/c of student at end of every financial year for study period only after the interest is served to the bank and complied with necessary documentation.

Local Organisation can further extend their share which will reduce the Interest amount charged by the bank to the student, effectively beneficial for the student and the partner Associations

We are associated with Oriental Bank of Commerce, Central Bank of India, Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank, Credila Financial Services and also with DENA Bank, SBI, Punjab National Bank in select circles. We look forward to your active participation!!!

The courses need to be Government Recognised / Approved and feasible for Bank Loans.
The Documents essential for processing the Bank loan must be available with the student / parents
JELP is a medium between the student and Bank / Credila for facilitating Education Loans
IT Returns are not compulsory for availing Education Loans | JELP shares part of interest as per the JELP Scheme only



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  1. Economic problem is the biggest obstacle which comes in the which comes in the students life to further continue their study and because of this they quit. To solve this problem yhe Credila education loan comes into rescue. It helps alot to students with less intreset. Thanks for sharing such a helpful information.


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